What should I do if I forgot my account login?

Please click on “login” at the top right-hand corner of the page. At the login page, choose “forgot your password?”. You will then be prompted to enter your email address and begin the password recovery process. For more information or help, please contact info@redemption.com

How do I access my information?

At the top-right corner, go to "login". Put in your email and password. This will take you to your account dashboard.

Can I edit my information?

Yes. Login in with your username and password and click on “My account.” This will take you to your account dashboard where you can edit your billing, shipping information and more.

Can I close my account?

Yes, please email us at info@redemption.com with your full name and account email.


Where can I buy Redemption Products?

You can buy Redemption products on our website or use our Store Locator to find a retail store.

What countries does Redemption ship to?

European Union: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg,
Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Switzerland,
Andorra, Liechtenstein, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Malta,
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithunia, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia,
Slovenia, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Vatican City, San Marino.

Rest of the world: United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Argentina, Australia,
Azebaijan, Bahrain, Brunei, Brazil, Bahamas, Canada, Chile, Colombia,
Costa Rica, Dominica Republic, Algeria, Ecuador, Egypt, Guatemala, Guam,
Hong Kong, Canary Island, Indonesia, Israel, India, Iceland, Jersey,
Jamaica, Jordan, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saint Lucia,
Montenegro, Macau, Mauritius, Maldives, Mexico, Malasya, New Zealand,
Oman, Peru, French Polynesia, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Qatar,
Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Ukraine,
Uruguay, Venezuela, British Virgin Island, Vietnam, South Africa.

How do I pay online if I am an international customer?

Redemption.com accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and PayPal.


Can I make changes on an order once it's been placed?

Unfortunately, no. Once your order has been placed and is confirmed we
are unable to change your order. However, you can return your original
order and we can help you place a new order.

What's the return policy?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please make sure to read our
Shipping & Return policy before making a purchase. Please email us
with any questions, concerns, or comments at info@redemption.com

Do you have an exchange policy?

We are unable to offer exchanges, but we will gladly assist you with returning your order and completing a new order.

I was shipped the wrong product.

We apologies for the inconvenience. Please email us at info@redemption.com so we can solve the issue.

How can I track my order?

A tracking # will be provided to you via email once your order has been
shipped. If you still have questions please email as at

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Unfortunately we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

Am I responsible for Customs, Duties, Taxes and Collection Fees?

Yes. The customer is responsible for paying all Customs, Duties, Taxes and Collection Fees.