We believe that caring is a sign of strength, not weakness. We find solutions and we put them into practice. We really care, and so should you — because we are all sharing the same planet.

- Bebe Moratti

With a disruptive business model that is committed to supporting charitable causes, Redemption has always placed great emphasis on using its platform for good and harnessing the power of business to create social change.

From the day the company was founded, the aim has been to donate half of all profits to supporting charitable causes and local and international NGOs.

Redemption is now firmly committed to pushing the boundaries of responsible business and we have launched our holistic sustainability strategy ‘Re|set the Future’.

This strategy addresses key social and environmental issues which are pivotal for the fashion industry today, to ensure a future for stakeholders across the entire supply chain, and to leave the right legacy for future generations.

We are not perfect, but we are committed to contributing to a more positive industry and a more positive world.

Let’s Re|set the Future together.

Redemption's Commitments

Our Collections We have long been devoted to creating collections which celebrate the craft of fashion and are increasing our use of alternative materials that respect the environment and welfare of animals and people. We commit to continually developing responsible sourcing practices that promote traceability and the respect of fair working practices along our value chain. READ ABOUT THE WAYS WE ARE REDUCING THE IMPACT OF OUR COLLECTIONS →
Our Collections
Our Climate Redemption was founded to promote an alternative business model within the global fashion system, and to galvanize action and reform. We commit to contributing to global climate action, promoting energy efficiency in our operations, minimizing waste, and reducing the environmental impact of our packaging and logistics.
Our Climate
Our Community The Redemption community has always been at the heart of our business, centred around the celebration and promotion of strong women, who make up the majority of our business. We pledge to further nurturing our global community and providing a safe and supportive environment for the team that brings the Redemption vision to life – an environment where equality, collaboration and development is essential to everything we do.  
Our Community
Our Culture Redemption was founded with the pragmatic understanding that through giving back and investing in welfare and education, we can help to build a more robust and resilient socio-economic system for everybody. We commit to build upon this vision, continuing to contribute to non-profit and charitable entities. We want to play our part in creating a more positive fashion industry, continually enhancing the transparency of our actions and clearly communicating about our practices. READ ABOUT OUR COLLABORATIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS →
Our Culture


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