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Redemption is a revolutionary vision that comes from consciousness, pragmatism and the urgent need to change the luxury goods economic system.

It is a disruptive business-model challenging the global fashion system, and from the day the company was founded, the aim has been to donate half of all profits to supporting charitable causes and local and international NGOs. 

Redemption is timeless sophistication grounded in commitment. It is a movement inspired by Rock and Roll, which in its purest form galvanized people to promote much needed social and cultural reforms through the decades. We feel it is our duty to react by pioneering a more sensible way of operating; one that places at the forefront of its value chain the inalienable importance of human rights, and the compelling need to minimize our footprint on the environment.

Redemption is conceived for strong and independent women who opt for being instead of showing. Women who naturally express their bold, sensual appeal through authentic personalities and powerful emotions.

Redemption instills these codes into the highest standards of quality and refinement, with each garment and accessory rigorously crafted in Italy.

Redemption is committed to pushing the boundaries of responsible business through the holistic sustainability strategy ‘Re|set the Future’. 



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